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MPP Solar

MPP Solar PIP5048GEW (5KW 48V)

MPP Solar PIP5048GEW (5KW 48V)

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The PIP5048GEW 5KW 48V inverter/charger offers a powerful, reliable performance with its 50 Amp transfer switch and its 48V AC input voltage. It is the perfect solution for on- and off-grid homes requiring a higher AC input voltage and is also ETL/UL listed for safe installation.

Key features

  • Built-in WIFI transitter (for monitoring on iPhone/Android)
  • Built-in BMS communication (with RS485 / CANbus support)
  • High PV input 450V (3024GEW), 500V (5048GEW) 
  • Max system charging now 100A
  • Battery optional mode
  • Equalization mode available
  • 3KW/24V, 5KW/48V pure sine wave output
  • Max PV array support 3KW (3024GEW), 5KW (5048GEW)
  • Max utility charging current 100A (80A for 3024GEW)
  • Max solar charging current 100A
  • Max Bulk/Float setting 31V (3024GEW), 61V (5048GEW)
  • Suitable for off-grid or with grid input
  • Extensive programmable menu
  • Easy to install
  • FREE monitoring software on PC / Mac / Linux


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