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MPP Solar

MPP Solar PIP 11KW MAX (11KW 48V)

MPP Solar PIP 11KW MAX (11KW 48V)

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Experience powerful performance with the MPP Solar PIP 11KW MAX inverter. Featuring a robust 11KW MAX inverter, this unit offers reliable performance in a variety of conditions for long-term reliability and performance.

The MAX series retain several main features from the GK, MG, and MK (high PV input, batteryless operation,  parallel support, advanced monitoring, Pylontech/Weco/Soltaro Lithium BMS support, timer control on AC output & charging) and in addition, MAX 48v models come with built-in parallel kits already, so there is no need to source parallel kits separately. All models in the MAX series also offer upgraded wireless monitoring feature to WIFI which is more secure and no longer limits by the short working range of Bluetooth. 

Key features

  • Customizable RGB LED setting to display operation mode
  • High PV input up to 500V (Voc)
  • Parallel support up to 6 units 
  • Built-in parallel kit on 48V models
  • Built-in WIFI transmitter to monitor data on smartphones
  • Timer control on AC output & charging
  • Pylontech/Weco/Soltaro Lithium BMS support
  • Built-in genset starter dry contact
  • Equalization Charge
  • Detachable LCD remote display
  • High frequency pure sine wave output, light-weight design
  • Built-in MPPT solar charger max 150A 
  • Built-in utility charger max 150A 
  • Comprehensive programming options
  • Adjustable Bulk/Float charging voltage
  • Indoor installation only
  • Wide AC input range for bypass
  • FREE monitoring software


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