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MPP Solar

MPP Solar PIP5648MT (5.6KW 48V)

MPP Solar PIP5648MT (5.6KW 48V)

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The MPP Solar PIP5648MT (5.6KW 48V) is a high-quality inverter that produces stable, reliable electricity. It features a maximum efficiency of 98%, making it one of the most efficient inverters on the market. With its heightened safety protocols, it is also extremely safe to use.

At first sight, PIP-MT series may appear similar to other MPP Solar inverters but it comes with one unique and revolutionary feature that has never been introduced: DUAL AC OUTPUT. This feature offers users smart load control and one can divide load between output 1 and 2 based on their demand priority.  Essential load is usually assigned to the first output (L1, terminal 1) and non-essential load goes to the second output (L2, terminal 2).  Controls to output 2 can be done based on low DC cut off / SOC% / timer ON/OFF.  

Key features

  • 2 AC output load terminals for smart load control
  • High PV input 500V (Voc)
  • Max PV input current 27A
  • Equalization charge settings
  • Battery optional mode
  • 5.6KW/48V pure sine wave output
  • Max solar charging current up to 120A
  • Max utility charging current 100A
  • Suitable for off-grid or with grid input
  • Extensive programmable menu
  • Easy to install
  • FREE monitoring software on PC / Mac / Linux


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