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MPP Solar

MPP Solar 4024MT (4KW 24V)

MPP Solar 4024MT (4KW 24V)

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MPP Solar 4024MT Inverter is a high-efficiency, dual-output, off-grid inverter designed for use with solar power systems that can transform sunlight into electricity, reducing energy bills, increasing energy independence, and improving grid stability. It is ideal for both home and business solar power systems, as well as off-grid solar power systems. It can handle the power demands of most households and businesses, making it a versatile choice for a variety of applications.

Key benefits of using the MPP Solar 4024MT Inverter:

  • Reduced energy bills: By converting sunlight into electricity, the inverter can significantly reduce your energy bills, especially for off-grid installations.
  • Increased energy independence: The inverter can help you achieve energy independence, as you will not be reliant on the utility grid for power.
  • Improved grid stability: The inverter can help to improve grid stability by providing backup power during grid outages.

Key features:

  • High efficiency of up to 98%: The inverter converts up to 98% of the DC power from your solar panels into AC power, maximizing your energy savings.

  • Dual AC output for smart load control: The inverter has 2 AC output terminals, allowing you to connect to multiple loads and control them independently.

  • High PV input of up to 500V (Voc): The inverter can handle high-voltage PV systems, making it ideal for larger installations.

  • Max PV input current of 27A: The inverter can handle high-current PV systems, ensuring that your system can generate enough power to meet your needs.

  • Detachable LCD module: The inverter has a removable LCD module that allows you to view the inverter's status and settings.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi transmitter: The inverter has a built-in Wi-Fi transmitter that allows you to monitor the inverter's performance from anywhere in the world using a smartphone or tablet.

  • BMS compatibility to Pylontech and select lithium batteries: The inverter is compatible with Pylontech and select lithium batteries, giving you more flexibility in your battery choice.

  • Equalization charge settings: The inverter has equalization charge settings that can help extend the lifespan of your batteries.

  • Battery optional mode: The inverter has a battery optional mode that allows you to use it as a pure sine wave inverter without connecting a battery.

  • Suitable for off-grid or with grid input: The inverter can be used in off-grid or grid-tied systems, giving you flexibility in your power setup.


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