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Monocrystalline photovoltaic module ENCOR EC415M-10-108B with a capacity of 415 W meeting the highest class of fire resistance A.
The module is double-sided (bifacial) and uses double glass on the front and back (glass-glass).
The module uses cells made with TOPCon N-type technology.
Thanks to this type of cells and the use of both sides for energy production, the module is characterized by high efficiency and provides a significant reduction in the cost of power generation.
The technologies used affect the reliability of the module and the ability to effectively use its capabilities for many years.
The module uses a black anodized aluminum alloy frame.
Exceptional durability and failure-free performance makes the module covered by an above-average warranty for a period of 25 years, provided by the company's nationwide service.

Weight: 24.50kg

Power: 415W

Module type: Black frame

Warranty: 25 years

Dimensions: 1134mm x 1728mm x 30mm

Efficiency: 21.18%



Why choose this product?

  • Extremely long warranty period - 25 years
  • Linear module power guarantee for 30 years. Power degradation in 1 year <1%, subsequent years 0.4%, and after 30 years power at 87.4% of the original value.
  • High efficiency reaching 21.18%
  • Fire resistance class A
  • No LID effect. The N-type cells used are naturally resistant to the occurrence of Light Induced Degradation (LID) effect.
  • High reliability of the module has been achieved by using TOPCon technology, in which there is no sheath winding and electrical leakage. At the same time, full isolation and a high level of safety are ensured.
  • Additional energy yield. The ability to operate the modules over a 30-year period provides up to 30% additional yield compared to modules with PERC technology.
  • Lower LCOE. The module's high efficiency and energy production from both sides of the module makes the levelized cost of electricity lower compared to conventional modules
  • Better response to low light conditions. The module performs well in lower light conditions, i.e. on cloudy days or when fog is present.
  • Better temperature coefficient. The module enables a higher level of energy production in operating conditions thanks to passive cell contact technology.
  • Original MC4 QC Solar connector.
  • Wide application possibilities. The module features a wide range of applications, i.e. BIPV, vertical installations, areas with frequent snow, as well as areas of high humidity, high wind and dust.

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