Enterprise Grant for Energy Security

Open for applications.

The grant can be used to prevent potential supply disruptions caused by the energy crisis resulting from the Ukraine war, as well as for investments in transitioning to new energy sources and ensuring supply security.

Funded by the European Union's recovery fund, 'NextGenerationEU'.

Purchase of an electric energy storage device, its installation and the installation related works is supported.

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Conditions for Grant

Main conditions

  • The grant is aimed at improving energy supply reliability, and
  • adding additional energy sources, and
  • preventing possible energy supply disruptions

Proportion of the grant and maximum grant amount

  • The minimum amount of support per project is 5000 euros. The maximum amount of support per applicant across different projects is 200,000 euros for small enterprises and 500,000 euros for medium-sized and large enterprises.
  • The maximum share of support is as follows:
  1. 40 percent of eligible costs for small enterprises;
  2. 30 percent of eligible costs for medium-sized enterprises;
  3. 20 percent of eligible costs for large enterprises

Eligible activities

  • Purchase of the storage device required to ensure energy supply reliability.
  • Construction of the building and facility necessary to ensure energy supply reliability.
  • Construction of the building and facility, along with equipment acquisition, required for efficient district heating network connection, including connection fees.

Main requirements for the applicant

  • The grant can be applied for by a business entity registered in Estonia, which has been engaged in economic activities since at least January 1, 2021.
  • The average turnover for the two financial years preceding the entrepreneur's application, based on the financial statements submitted to the commercial register, must be at least 100,000 euros in the applicant's main field of activity.
  • The main field of activity cannot be among the following:
  1. Section A - Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing;
  2. Subdivision C 120 - Manufacture of tobacco products;
  3. Section G - Wholesale and retail trade, except for the maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles;
  4. Section L - Real estate activities;
  5. Subdivision R 920 - Organization of gambling and betting;
  6. Section K - Financial and insurance activities;
  7. Subdivision J 62 - Programming, consultancy, and related activities;
  8. Subdivision M 69 - Legal activities and accounting;
  9. Subdivision M 70 - Activities of head offices and management consultancy;
  10. Subdivision M 73 - Advertising and market research;
  11. Subdivision N 77 - Rental and leasing;
  12. Subdivision N 782 - Temporary employment agency activities.