Food Industry Investment Grant for Ensuring Energy Supply Reliability

Open for applications from 27th of September to 11th of October.

The aim of the grant is to support the food and beverage sector by reducing dependence on fossil fuels, including Russian fuels, and ensuring the resilience of the food supply chain and the continuity of the food industry.

The grant can be applied for the purchase of equipment necessary to ensure energy supply reliability or for building construction. Additionally, support is provided for the purchase of generators that can be used as a temporary power source when needed.

The total budget for the application round is 4,000,000 euros, divided according to the size of the enterprises: 2,000,000 euros for micro and small enterprises, and 2,000,000 euros for medium-sized and large enterprises.

Purchase of an electric energy storage device, its installation and the installation related works is supported.

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Conditions for Grant

Main conditions

  • The grant can be applied for by businesses engaged in food processing.
  • Support is provided for the construction of facilities and the purchase of equipment that enables the uninterrupted supply of energy resources to the processing facility to ensure the seamless operation of the food production process.
  • When applying for the grant, the applicant must confirm that they have not received or are concurrently applying for support for the same cost from the state budget or other European Union or external funds, or any other non-repayable state aid.

Proportion of the grant and maximum grant amount

  • The maximum amount of support per applicant for the entire program period of the development plan is as follows:
  1. micro or small enterprises - 250,000 euros;
  2. medium-sized or large enterprises - 500,000 euros.
  • The maximum share of support is as follows:
  1. Up to 40% for micro or small enterprises;
  2. Up to 30% for medium-sized enterprises;
  3. Up to 20% for large enterprises.

Eligible activities

The grant can be applied for the following activities related to the processing of agricultural products covered by Annex I to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, whether covered by Annex I or not, if the investment object is located in Estonia:

  • Purchase of equipment necessary to ensure energy supply reliability.
  • Construction of a building necessary to ensure energy supply reliability in accordance with the conditions and procedures set out in the Building Act.
  • Purchase of a generator for temporary use as a power source.

Main requirements for the applicant

The grant can be applied for by an entrepreneur:

  • Whose primary activity's increase in input prices is due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and has had the most negative impact on their primary activity.
  • Whose main business activity is the production of food products (NACE Subsection C 10), excluding the processing and preservation of fish, crustaceans, and mollusks (NACE Subsection C 102), or beverage production (NACE Subsection C 11), and this was their main business activity according to the business registry data in the fiscal year immediately preceding the application.
  • Who is a micro, small, medium-sized, or large enterprise, a recognized producer organization, or a recognized producer group operating in the field of agriculture